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Welcome to the 5G Exchange

by Kelsey Kusterer Ziser
Article ImageLight Reading is cutting through the barrage of marketing noise, with a pen mightier than any sword, by launching a new and exciting industry resource, The 5G Exchange. This uniquely highlighted section of the website will be the authoritative source of information for global communications service providers in their quest to learn what's really happening with 5G.

The 5G Exchange's purpose is to provide users with a vetted and approved educational resource repository to inform them of emerging trends and technologies enabled by 5G.

Hosted content on the 5G Exchange includes:

The 5G Exchange is led by yours truly -- as the 5G Exchange Curator, I am charged with vetting and approving all third-party content submitted to the site, with input from the 5G Council. The 5G Exchange Council comprises a team of respected industry editors and analysts who oversee the review and approval of all submitted content. I serve as the Jon Snow to the 5G Exchange Council's Night's Watch. I'm the Frodo to their Fellowship of the Ring. The Thelma to their Louise. The Molly Ringwald to their Breakfast Club. You get the idea.

The 5G Exchange is continually accepting third-party content, which can be submitted by clicking here. Check the site regularly to see if your content has been accepted. Due to the high volume of submissions, please allow five to ten business days for review before panicking and contacting us. We recommend taking deep breaths into a paper bag, pacing in circles or enjoying a nice glass of Pinot Noir (or whiskey for you telco veterans) while you wait.

The 5G Exchange is sponsored by Cisco, Fujitsu and Anritsu. Additional sponsorships opportunities are available. For more information, contact: [email protected].

Welcome to the 5G Exchange, why don't you stay awhile?

— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, 5G Exchange Curator, The 5G Exchange

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