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The next major step in 5G deployment is the launch of the 5G core (5GC), which constitutes breakthrough from previous mobile core network generations in terms of both performance and service support.
5G commercial progress to date has been impressive. Heavy Reading operator survey data shows that the majority of operators expect to reach mass-market adoption in the 2021–23 timeframe.
The Heavy Reading 2020 5G Network & Service Strategies Operator Survey is designed to provide insight into how operators will scale 5G networks and identify the service strategies operators believe will drive investment and customer value.
This white paper explores several different go-to market business and operating models for non-public networks, along with factors that will influence the ultimate model adopted.
This white paper begins with an overview of the drivers leading operators to evaluate disaggregation for their next-generation fixed access networks.
Ookla's Speedtest Intelligence results provide insight into how US service providers rank for 5G availability, mobile city speeds, latency and more.
Heavy Reading believes there is potential for O-RAN deployments to scale as performance is shown to be competitive and as integration of O-RAN into operator planning and management tools improves.
Ookla's speed tests reveal how Canadian service providers rank for 5G performance, 5G availability, regional and city speeds, and more.
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In the midst of this rollout, how can industries ensure that the benefits of 5G investment warrant the long-term investment costs? The answer is the intelligent edge.
A broad, automated and integrated security framework is needed to secure 5G networks.
5G calls for more diverse security skills than ever before. Effective security must be embedded throughout the cycle, from device though the network to the applications.
As industries ranging from manufacturing to defense installations leverage the flexibility, reliability and adaptability of 5G technology, organizations that have embraced advanced AR applications will experience immediate benefits.
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Autonomous transportation, drone-based delivery, smart parking and more are among the applications AT&T plans to deploy in National Landing.
Consultant Doug Dawson challenges the telecommunications industry's ability to make autonomous cars a reality.
Diana Blass speaks with Adjunct Professor Marco Giordani about how to utilize communications technologies such as mmWave to support Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) use cases.
The 5G Exchange's Diana Blass speaks with Verizon's Jyoti Sharma about how 5G supports geolocation services in autonomous vehicle use cases.

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