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This whitepaper from Cambridge Consultants has been written as a practical guide to the successful implementation of private 5G networks, maximizing ROI and creating competitive differentiation.
This white paper examines the technologies that are making 5G possible, and which charging systems are needed to effectively monetize 5G.
This white paper examines the key technical and connectivity features of the private 5G network, the critical use cases of such private networks, and more.
The VIAVI report "The State of 5G," now in its fifth year, demonstrates rapid escalation of commercial 5G deployments worldwide, despite an ongoing global pandemic.
Learn how 5G is changing mobile speeds in Taiwan; this report also includes data on the fastest operator and city performance.
This report provides the full 5G analysis for Canada, including which provinces and cities are seeing the most benefit and how individual operators are performing over 5G.
With 5G networks rolling out now, carriers with the ambition to deliver a great 5G experience to their customers will again need to address one of the most important services offered by a mobile phone called 'Voice.'
This white paper focuses on massive IoT applications that use multi-RAN architectures to connect IoT devices with limited processing power.
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5G networks require networking, security and compute to work as an integrated solution with tight tolerances – not disaggregated technology stacks and teams. Without built-to-purpose technology, traditional security methods will likely create latency and bottlenecks that undermine the value of these new 5G networks.
As we move towards a digitally interconnected smart world, it is critical to recognize that just one exploited device can weaponize a network and potentially jeopardize critical systems.
The NIST project is working on real-world tests with a group of equipment and software vendors, mobile operators and security service providers. It plans to literally demonstrate and document the strong security that can be achieved on 5G networks.
Here are three areas where 5G should continue to stay ahead of threats as it is fully installed.
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Video delivery networks, cloud gaming, automotive applications and private 5G networks are key use cases that will benefit from distributed edge clouds.
Only about 300 cities in the US have access to 5G, and Baltimore was the first city in Maryland to go live with 5G.
In this episode of 'Up to Speed With 5G,' The 5G Exchange's Diana Blass examines how enterprises are looking to private LTE networks as a stepping stone to 5G.
In this video, Verizon shares how its working with partners such as GhostRobotics and Skyward to design and deploy technology that could benefit smart cities.

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