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This 5G Americas white paper provides an overview of 5G architecture, with a focus on its applications of open source principles.
The 3GPP standards organization has analyzed vertical use cases that resulted in several vertical communication requirements.
This paper examines characteristics of different bands and the challenges and opportunities of using different bands for 5G.
This white paper describes the principles of achieving URLLC while comparing them to the traditional methodology used in information and communication theory and explains why a new approach is required.
A current review and outlook for evolving wireless technologies, capabilities, and markets in a presentation that covers 5G, Wi-Fi, (C)V2X, CBRS, White Spaces, LPWANs and more.
This white paper examines the opportunities and challenges Massive MIMO presents to service providers deploying 5G.
The coming 5G era is not just about handsets, sensors and other mobile devices; the wireline network has a critical role to play in 5G.
This report is designed to provide the industry with insight into how operators will deploy 5G networks.
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The 5G Exchange will be the authoritative resource of information for global communications service providers in their quest to learn what's really happening with 5G.
AT&T says its the first carrier in the US to reach mobile 5G speeds surpassing 2 gigabits per second.
The good news is that service providers understand which tools and capabilities they will need to not only successfully implement 5G security services, but also differentiate them.
Without question, the additional requirements that the 5G control plane supports will inject additional complexity into security enforcement.
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The 5G Exchange is a vetted, industry resource for service providers to track the latest 5G technology and research.
Fujitsu has developed the Smart xHaul solution for WDM-based fronthaul, midhaul and backhaul transport in 4G C-RAN and new 5G networks.
The specter of a 5G Chinese boogeyman loomed large over a recent gathering of US policymakers, service providers and vendors.
5G, AWS, telco cloud and Internet video have dominated the headlines in recent weeks and we're talking about all of it, live from NYC.

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