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This two-part primer serves as an introduction to the JESD204C standard.
With the plethora of services that 5G is capable of bringing in and the expected variability of communication demands that can originate from CSPs, there is a compelling need for brokering of services with what is available or can be created versus what the market requires.
With the first 5G commercial mobile broadband networks getting off the ground, and the first devices coming to market, 5G IoT is naturally the next major opportunity for the cellular industry.
Everything you need to know about 5G. What is 5G? How much faster is it than 4G? Can I get 5G on my phone? What spectrum does it use? We answer all these 5G questions and more.
Keep up-to-date on 5G rollouts in cities across the globe with the Ookla 5G Map. Updated weekly from verified public sources and Ookla data.
The mobile landscape is changing. The 2019 Speedtest® U.S. Mobile Performance Report shows how the carriers are doing, who is leading in 5G, and more.
Discover how 5G is boosting speeds in South Korea including a look at which mobile operators who the fastest speeds on 5G.
This presentation discusses what's driving the connected car in regards to networking and communication technologies (especially 5G) and highlights the moral and environmental opportunity we have in delivering the autonomous vehicle. It also highlights the need to think beyond traditional road testing into the world of Digital Twins where most of the heavy lifting could be done in a virtual world.
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2019 has been hailed as the year of widespread rollout and adoption of 5G. Although important steps have been made, such as the launch of the first 5G networks and handsets, why does mainstream deployment still seem like a shimmering oasis forever out of reach?
RPA is the ally operators need for revenue assurance now, rather than true AI in the near-distant future.
Many operators around the world are beginning the next network evolution for 5G, and are starting to initiate 5G Core (5GC) network trials. So, what needs to happen in tandem with rolling out the 5G Core capabilities to deliver new pricing and business model innovations?
The 5G enterprise opportunity is there, and it will continue to grow, but if operators cannot shake the perceptions of being obstacles, as opposed to enablers, they'll soon find themselves on the sidelines.
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What are the three key trends in 5G right now? Dario Talmesio, principal analyst and practice leader for 5G Accelerator and European TMT Research at research house Ovum, tells all.
At 5G World, Heavy Reading senior analyst Steve Bell discusses one of the hottest topics in the 4G and 5G markets -- private networks.
At the recent 5G World event in London, Ovum Research Director Mike Roberts looks at the early 5G service launches and what's coming next.
Marielle Lindgren, CEO for the UK and Ireland at Ericsson, talks to Light Reading's Iain Morris about Vodafone's launch of 5G services in the UK, what kind of applications 5G enables and Ericsson's role in the operator's 5G rollout.

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