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Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a more cost-effective and efficient alternative for providing broadband in areas with limited access to fixed broadband services like Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), cable or fiber.
As the 5G ecosystem evolves, 5G and edge computing will further converge to enable edge network management, collect and capitalize on massive amounts of data while maintaining integrity and even ownership, and build pervasive intelligence for enabling various latency-sensitive, enterprise and private services.
Speedtest Intelligence reveals T-Mobile was the fastest mobile operator in the United States during Q3 2021.
This white paper focuses on how specific sectors can utilize private 5G networks, particularly the verticals of manufacturing, mining, utilities, healthcare and education.
In this eBook, CSG examines a variety of 5G use cases, both current and future, and what service providers need to effectively monetize the opportunity.
C-V2X technology has a bright future, and the deployment of the V2X services based on it has already started. This whitepaper reviews the new technology developments on C-V2X in 3GPP, security considerations for C-V2X and more.
The next major step in 5G deployment is the launch of the 5G core (5GC), which constitutes breakthrough from previous mobile core network generations in terms of both performance and service support.
5G commercial progress to date has been impressive. Heavy Reading operator survey data shows that the majority of operators expect to reach mass-market adoption in the 2021–23 timeframe.
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Security at the edge presents a unique set of security challenges that differ from those faced by traditional data centers. Today new concerns emerge from the combination of distributed architectures and a disaggregated network, creating new challenges for service providers.
The O-RAN Alliance's new specs cover complex technologies, including non-real-time RAN Intelligent Controller architecture, RAN control, xhaul transport testing and open RAN security.
'It's been a profitable business,' said Elisa's Kimmo Pentikäinen of the operator's 5G launch. In its most recent financial report, the operator reported a gain of $3.50 per month per customer from 5G.
5G has huge potential to completely transform manufacturing. But there's a lot of complexity in this, too, and manufacturing companies need to make sure they have the right tools, infrastructure and drive to make 5G a success.
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The $1 trillion Infrastructure bill includes funding for broadband Internet, which could help address the digital divide.
To reach new business objectives, KDDI sought out a portable platform with flexibility from core to edge to operate more efficiently while delivering new digital experiences to customers.
In this interview with NTT DOCOMO, Dr. Sadayuki Abeta, VP and head of RAN, is joined by Sachin Katti, advisor of telco strategy at VMware, to discuss the advantages of open RAN.
Autonomous transportation, drone-based delivery, smart parking and more are among the applications AT&T plans to deploy in National Landing.

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