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The ever-increasing demand for mobile data is driving network densification with the deployment of small cells.
This paper provides an in-depth view of the various industry initiatives in defining the EDGE architectures while keeping in view of the emerging networks that are planned to serve 5G applications.
This two-part primer serves as an introduction to the JESD204C standard.
With the plethora of services that 5G is capable of bringing in and the expected variability of communication demands that can originate from CSPs, there is a compelling need for brokering of services with what is available or can be created versus what the market requires.
With the first 5G commercial mobile broadband networks getting off the ground, and the first devices coming to market, 5G IoT is naturally the next major opportunity for the cellular industry.
Everything you need to know about 5G. What is 5G? How much faster is it than 4G? Can I get 5G on my phone? What spectrum does it use? We answer all these 5G questions and more.
Keep up-to-date on 5G rollouts in cities across the globe with the Ookla 5G Map. Updated weekly from verified public sources and Ookla data.
The mobile landscape is changing. The 2019 Speedtest® U.S. Mobile Performance Report shows how the carriers are doing, who is leading in 5G, and more.
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Having the flexibility and agility to react to the market demands – both enterprise and consumer – will help to separate the digital leaders from the pack in the race to 5G ROI.
This blog focuses on the alignment of 5G technology with real-world business outcomes. It illustrates how massive MIMO technology plays a role in advancing real-time security monitoring. The blog covers how it supports high-density cameras for new applications like automated security systems that monitor areas and alert agencies about possible security issues, providing them with high-resolution real-time streams of what is happening.
Facing continuous technological and competitive change, communications service providers (CSPs) are now entering a 5G era that demands a new perspective on how networks should be built, the roles that operators will play and the battlefronts on which they will compete.
While communications service providers (CSPs) have already started to roll out 5G offerings, there is still much work to be done before the network is widely available.
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At the 5G Asia event in Singapore, Intel's Caroline Chan talks to Heavy Reading's James Crawshaw about the link between edge computing and 5G, potential enterprise use cases, and the increasingly hot topic of private networks.
Heavy Reading principal analyst Sterling Perrin gives the lowdown on 5G transport network trends and seems shocked that timing and sychronization are sexy topics for the anyhaul specialists.
What were some of the key takeaways from Light Reading's 5G Transport & the Edge event in New York City? Two sober (just) editors chew the fat...
Dive deep into the infinity pool of telecom Singapore with Heavy Reading's James Crawshaw and Light Reading's Tien Fu. Featuring interviews with Caroline Chan of Intel and Rodrigo Beyer Fernandez of Ericsson.

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