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VIAVI Solutions' annual "The State of 5G" report includes new industry data on 5G-enabled cities globally.
T-Mobile had the fastest median 5G download speed in the US at 191.12 Mbit/s during Q1 2022, a slight increase over Q4 2021.
Speedtest Intelligence reveals Telus was the fastest mobile operator among top providers in Canada in Q1 2022 with a median download speed of 94.48 Mbit/s. Looking only at tests taken on a 5G connection, Telus had the fastest median download in Canada during Q1 2022 at 162.47 Mbit/s.
This white paper focuses on various aspects of 5G satellite-based communications.
The goal of this white paper is to work together with the Standard Development Organizations (SDOs) to create a uniform and more sustainable metering solution for mobile networks by updating existing standards or developing new standards for the missing parts.
Speedtest Intelligence reveals Telus was the fastest mobile operator among top providers in Canada in Q4 2021 with a Speed Score of 98.29 on modern chipsets.
Speedtest Intelligence reveals T-Mobile was the fastest mobile operator in the United States during Q4 2021 with a median download speed of 90.65 Mbit/s on modern chipsets.
This white paper provides an update on the current state of the 5G cellular industry.
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Service providers are leading the charge in two of the industry's most revolutionary network innovations: active assurance and digital twins.
This podcast examines how enterprises can navigate the maze of private network choices.
Operators need the ability to monitor per service, per application, per device, while only capturing the data necessary to achieve and restore service levels. Only with this enhanced level of service assurance and support – committed to meeting enterprise SLA requirements – will MNOs be able to generate the 5G revenues required to fund the network.
There are already a small number of visionary vendors who see in the 3GPP architecture the perfect blueprint for a secure, end-to-end, cloud orchestrated wide-area network – i.e., a SASE solution – no matter the access and transport technologies involved.
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Jamie Cudden, smart city program manager for the Dublin City Council, discusses how Dublin is applying new and emerging connectivity technologies to deliver better city services and community outcomes.
Verizon said the low latency provided by 5G and edge compute delivered a real-time conversation between Tua and Coach Terry as well as interaction with the Chicago classroom.
The 5G Exchange's Diana Blass heads to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona to find out more about 5G trends in Europe.
The $1 trillion Infrastructure bill includes funding for broadband Internet, which could help address the digital divide.

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