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Learn which technologies are making 5G possible, and what kind of charging systems are needed to effectively monetize 5G.
This white paper discusses how performance monitoring can help operators meet customer expectations for services in the 5G-era.
The fifth generation of mobile networks is here, and is expected to have a bigger impact on the global economy than any previous iterations.
Eighty hackers gathered in Oulu, Finland, over the last weekend of November 2019 to examine Ericsson and Nokia’s 5G network products and see what flaws they could uncover. HardenStance attended and published this briefing on this first-ever 5G Cyber Hackathon and why it matters.
The scale of small cell deployments requires leaner models so that the management traffic can remain a small overhead in the network. The Small Cell Forum is therefore looking at which management settings and reports might be superfluous for small cells, as well as compression techniques, in work that will be highly complementary to that of O-RAN.
This paper illustrates how in-vehicle connectivity monitoring and predictive connectivity can help improve design and operations – leading to improved automotive application performance, enhanced safety, and additional business value.
This presentation explores how 5G is being designed with energy efficiency at heart and also explores how 5G can enable green outcomes across broader industries helping contribute to putting the fire out.
With 5G deployments underway, mobile services and business model are undergoing major changes. Now is the time for telcos to plan their future BSS to be ready to embrace the new business model.
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If T-Mobile's merger with Sprint can help accelerate 5G deployments, while ensuring AT&T and Verizon also remain focused on the prize, then affordable 5G devices will flood the US market, the secondary market can realize lucrative returns from devices traded in and everyone will win.
As for how operators arrive at the 5G Core, there is a complex array of options. Indeed, the path to the 5G Core looks more like an epic labyrinth challenge.
A recent innovation in streaming data analysis is key to rapid solution of the capacity management problem in both 4G and 5G networks: digital twins that analyze streaming data on the fly.
Telco service providers want to move as quickly as possible to take advantage of the new revenue-generating opportunities. Delivering on the promise of 5G requires hosting applications and services at every MEC.
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Kristijan Melinc, sales director for Iskratel, and Industry Analyst Guy Redmill discuss the potential boon to service providers presented by the industrial sector utilizing 5G.
In an interview recorded before MWC 2020 was canceled, Omdia analyst Preston Reine discusses how 5G is shifting industrial communications systems more towards a wireless world.
BAE Systems' Matt Benford discusses the impact of 5G on telecoms regulatory compliance and how a long-term view is needed for the CSPs to remain compliant in the cloud-native era.
Diana Blass recaps some stories you may have missed in the wide world of 5G. In this episode: 5G's importance in helping other industries go green.
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Windsor Barra, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
27-29 April, 2020
5G Latin America 2020 addresses the network evolution requirements of the service provider community in the LATAM region, as they look to invest in next generation technology and begin the roll-out of 5G services.
ExCeL, London
Workshops & Conference: 1 - 3 September 2020
Exhibition: 2 - 3 September 2020

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Irving Convention Center Dallas, Texas
September 22 - 24, 2020
The BIG 5G Event 2020, hosted by Heavy Reading, is coming to Austin this September to gather the entire 5G ecosystem including telecom experts, enterprise decision makers and eager 5G application developers. With 2020 being the year tipped as key for 5G, we will be bringing you content covering all the hot topics, including 5G core, 5G transport, applications & enterprise innovation, AI in the 5G world, private networks, edge computing and more.

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