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Management, Orchestration & Automation
5G will require OSS/BSS support for network slicing, both in terms of administration of slice allocations (including Service Level Agreements) as well as billing for slices and usage. CSPs will also require OSS/BSS for support of massive Internet of Things (MIoT) systems enabled by 5G. This 5G Americas Management, Orchestration and Automation white paper provides an overview of the 5G system, and the challenges it presents for the Operations Support System (OSS). The white paper also outlines the new and enhanced OSS solutions that are being proposed for the management, orchestration and automation of 5G networks. This white paper aims to help the communication service providers (CSPs) concerned with 5G network management to familiarize themselves with the new OSS concepts and solutions in preparation for 5G network deployment. This white paper was originally published on 5G Americas.


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