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US military sets up team for '5G and FutureG'

by DoD
The Department of Defense announced today the establishment of a 5G and FutureG cross-functional team that will accelerate the adoption of transformative 5G and future generation wireless networking technologies to ensure its forces can operate effectively anywhere, including in contested networks. Congress mandated the establishment of the CFT in the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act to enrich collaboration and integration across the DoD and with the private sector to accelerate the delivery of new capabilities to the warfighter.

"Today's operational requirements call for the acceleration of 5G technology with at-scale prototyping and experimentation," said Amanda Toman, Acting Principal Director of the DoD's 5G to Future Generation Initiative. "The 5G and Future Generation CFT will play a critical role in advancing the Department's 5G and Future generation capabilities."

The CFT will carry out the DoD's responsibilities for policy, guidance, research and development, and acquisition related to 5G and Future generation wireless technology. The CFT will also strengthen DoD's external relationships and ensure interoperability by coordinating outreach with industry, interagency and international partners.

Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Heidi Shyu chairs the CFT, which consists of senior officials from across the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Services and Combatant Commands. Shyu's recent designation of future generation wireless as one of DoD's fourteen critical technology areas underscores the need for the 5G and Future Generation CFT to act quickly in building the ecosystem necessary to rapidly deliver requirements to the warfighter and innovate for 6G and beyond.


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