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ECI launches Muse Network Planner for real-time dynamic network planning

by 5G Exchange
PETACH TIKVA, Israel ECI, a leading mobile network transport provider of ELASTIC Network solutions for service providers, critical infrastructures and data center operators, today announced the launch of Muse Network Planner. The Network Planner is a next-generation planning tool for packet and optical networks which simplifies the traditional network planning process, to achieve real-time, online iterative planning processes and near instantaneous network implementation.

ECI's Muse Network Planner offers packet-optical optimization across layers 0-3. Additionally, advanced algorithms link with actual network data to optimize the network based on user-selectable factors including cost, latency and Optical Signal to Noise Ratio (OSNR). Testing has shown that Muse Network Planner can reduce costs by automating and optimizing network design, hence reducing the number of nodes and achieving as much as 30-50% savings as opposed to previous, more manual, processes.

Muse Network Planner also provides simulation testing to analyze the robustness of network design and to determine how services are impacted under multiple failure scenarios. This allows operators to assess the capability of the network to deliver on SLAs through applying dynamic restoration mechanisms. Muse Network Planner's plug and play functionality and user friendly, multi-window GUI makes it simple to use and ensure operators control what is happening in their networks at all times.

This is the latest module in ECI's Muse network and service lifecycle automation suite. Being more than a standard, 'offline' planning tool, network planner design results can be fed 'online' to other Muse modules for continuous multilayer network optimization, as well as to maximize service reliability and availability.

"5G requires networks to become more dynamic than they have been in the past," said Erez Zelikovitz, ECI's head of SDN and NFV line of business. "Increased complexity and dynamicity of the network is necessary to serve multiple applications, use cases and SLAs. Muse Network Planner aims to echo in a new era of network planning, moving from static, manual means of network deployment, to become increasingly flexible, adaptable and simplified in order to meet with shifting network demands and real time scenarios. Through our Network Planner's sophisticated simulations and insight led visibility, network operators can now move into a new era of faster, more optimal network planning and test the robustness of their designs to ensure the deployment is set up for success."

To learn more about how ECI's Muse suite of applications helps service providers reach the full potential of their network, ensuring it's optimized, available and running at peak efficiency, visit:

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