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5G readiness for a world changed by crisis

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every business sector and emerged as an unexpected catalyst for new industry trends worldwide. This global crisis while devastating from a human health perspective has accelerated the future of work in key sectors and solidified the need for instantaneous communication and lightning speed connectivity.

New trends impacting a variety of verticals include:

  • Remote working: Globally, with entire countries urged to socially distance and shelter, millions of people are now leveraging technology to work from home on a regular basis.
  • Commerce, transportation and logistics: A significant percentage of the world's commerce has shifted online placing unprecedented pressure on transportation and logistics companies to deliver goods faster and on time, especially those invested in "last mile delivery."
  • Telehealth services: Overburdened healthcare systems contending with overcrowded facilities and caregivers falling ill are embracing telehealth as an essential tool to continue delivering lifesaving care.

All these factors highlight a critical need for managed and secure mobile and IoT technologies both immediately and in the future.

Understandably, uncertainties surrounding the duration and intensity of the pandemic and the full extent of its toll on individuals, companies and the global economy, make investments for the future challenging. Still, companies who invest in a mobile strategy now and who use this time wisely to prepare will create a valuable opportunity to leapfrog their competitors once business operations are back to normal.

The state of 5G today
To paraphrase science fiction writer William Gibson, the future of 5G is already here it's just not very evenly distributed. Around the world, mobile carriers are still finetuning plans to rollout 5G in their regions, and that work may have been delayed considering current events.

Once the pandemic has passed, we can expect 5G rollouts to accelerate. Once the performance, security and cost-efficiencies of the new networks have been laid out for companies, the real race to 5G will begin.

With faster network speeds and less than a one millisecond response time, retailers will leverage mobility and IoT to engage with customers in bold new ways. The healthcare sector will benefit from remote surgery, telemedicine, advanced patient monitoring and medical innovations that were simply impossible before.

Interest in 5G is strong, yet many enterprises not ready
SOTI's Racing Towards the Future of Enterprise Mobility Report revealed:

  • Less than a third of enterprises report that they are fully prepared to embrace 5G.
  • Only 38% of companies are actively planning with mobile partners and device manufacturers.
  • Just 37% have taken steps to implement infrastructure upgrades, with 32% working to boost mobile security.
  • Fewer than one-third are implementing mobile-edge computing or are ready for real-time visibility into mobile devices.

What companies must do now to prepare

    1. Plan while you wait. Take a "blank sheet of paper" approach to 5G. Look at the evolving trends and ask "How would we organize our approach and plan a strategy if we were starting the company today? What should we be doing differently?"
    2. There's no such thing as productivity without security. With so many endpoints to manage and so much data moving at a rapid pace, it's important to eliminate security threats by investing in an integrated mobile and IoT management platform.

— Shash Anand, Vice President of Product Strategy, SOTI

Photo by unsplash-logoLuke Peters

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