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Verizon Business Group Gives Customers First-Hand Look at the 5G Future of Business

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Article Image More than 500 Verizon Business Group clients climbed aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City last week to learn how 5G will shape the future of their industries. Companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises were invited to learn how the super-fast speeds and massive bandwidth provided by Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband network will help unleash new applications, uses cases and immersive experiences.

Teaming with Ericsson, we showed off several 5G demos including a "Super Animoji" that captured your facial expressions on a mobile phone and a host of animated celebrities would mimic your actions in real-time, as well as a demo that allowed people to interact in real time over great distances, both with each other and with machines, and have sensory experiences similar to those they might have if they were interacting locally.

The event also included keynote speakers from Verizon and Ericsson who educated the crowd on how 5G will be a huge step function change from 4G and drive transformation in industries ranging from manufacturing to retail and healthcare. Among the speakers was one of the winners of Verizon's 5G EdTech Challenge, Emily Ford of Columbia University. Emily highlighted how 5G has the potential to impact education by increasing students' engagement with the content they're learning about and creating more immersive experiences.

To further spark the crowd's interest in 5G, the event wrapped up with a 5G fireworks show over the Hudson River.

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Learn more about 5G and how it will help usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution here.

—Chris Ashraf, External Communications Manager, Verizon

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