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VIDEO: Low Complexity RF Front-End for Hybrid mmWave MIMO 5G Mobile Networks

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Article ImageEmpirical research has shown that multi-input multi-output (MIMO) has the capabilities to meet the high data rate demand of 5G mobile users, but there are still many challenges in optimizing millimetre-Wave massive MIMO solutions.

The researchers at the Queen's University Belfast therefore propose a two-stage Rotman lens-based beamformer as an RF front-end solution for hybrid mmWave MIMO base stations.

Unlike existing solutions that require dedicated RF chains per antenna, an end-to-end mmWave hardware massively reduces the complexity and the cost of mmWave MIMO RF front-ends in 5G mobile networks. This solution won the Grand Prize at the 2019 GSMA Mobile World Scholar challenge.

This video was originally posted by the Queen's University Belfast.

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