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Satellite in the 5G Era
  • White Papers
This whitepaper presents a clear-eyed view of the 5G market, explains why 5G will be a network of networks, and examines how spaced-based communications systems will be critical components of mobile network operators’ 5G strategies.
The Status of Open Source for 5G
  • White Papers
This 5G Americas white paper provides an overview of 5G architecture, with a focus on its applications of open source principles.
5G Spectrum Vision
  • White Papers
This paper examines characteristics of different bands and the challenges and opportunities of using different bands for 5G.
U.S. Wireless Overview & Outlook
  • White Papers
A current review and outlook for evolving wireless technologies, capabilities, and markets in a presentation that covers 5G, Wi-Fi, (C)V2X, CBRS, White Spaces, LPWANs and more.
Implementing 5G Security: Priorities and Preferences
  • White Papers
Communications service providers must commit to adopting new security strategies, deploying new products, and even developing new monetization models to fully address the new security wrinkles 5G presents.
Bridging the 5G Gap
  • White Papers
Australia is lagging behind the 5G leaders; this paper offers an outline of a 5G roadmap that will enable its success.
3GPP Panel Session: 5G Security
  • White Papers
The 3GPP standards set out the security architecture, but it is imperative that vendors and operators implement them consistently.
5G in the Middle East and Africa
  • White Papers
Early launches of 5G will put Gulf operators and markets on a par with some of the most advanced operators worldwide.
5G: From Hype to Reality
  • White Papers
This whitepaper explores key external drivers that operators should track as they develop 5G-driven services for a variety of markets.

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