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Transition Toward Open & Interoperable Networks
  • White Papers
This white paper provides an overview of various global operator trials and deployments taking place, as well as a discussion on key motivations and challenges that operators face as they consider the move from a traditional proprietary network to a multi-vendor Open RAN platform.
5G Technologies in Private Networks
  • White Papers
This paper discusses how 5G private networks are suitable for different groups of applications and details the specific architectures that are applicable in building a private network.
2020 Edge and Beyond Report
  • White Papers
This report provides an overview of the edge as well as a broader look at the edge market.
The Future is Virtual: Routing in 5G Transport Networks
  • White Papers
Given that the initial investments in 5G edge buildouts will include much more routing, MNOs will need to ensure that their choices can meet this set of requirements in order to futureproof their choices.
5G Opportunities for Enterprise
  • White Papers
To find out when and how organizations are planning to deploy 5G in their operations, Nokia conducted in-depth research with 1,000 IT decision-makers across seven vertical sectors and two key geographies: the US and the UK.
5G nFAPI Specifications
  • White Papers
This white paper provides the specification for nFAPI, an extension where small cell functionality resides partially in a virtual network function (VNF) and partially in a physical network function (PNF).
Virtualized RAN: 4G/5G Strategies, Opportunities and Pitfalls
  • White Papers
How far down the path toward vRAN are the carriers, what are the drivers and inhibitors, and what vRAN architectural choices are they making? To answer these questions, Heavy Reading conducted a survey in November 2019 of 81 service providers.
Network Slicing and 5G Future Shock
  • White Papers
In this white paper, Heavy Reading looks specifically at network slicing: what it is, why it is needed, what some of its dependencies are, and how the CSPs are likely to monetize it.
5G Network & Service Strategies: 2020 Operator Survey
  • White Papers
The Heavy Reading 2020 5G Network & Service Strategies Operator Survey is designed to provide insight into how operators will scale 5G networks and identify the service strategies operators believe will drive investment and customer value.
NGMN 5G White Paper 2
  • White Papers
NGMN's second 5G white paper highlights some of the vertical industries that 5G will progressively support, showing how mobile network operators can provide both network and services to meet the varied requirements of the different markets.
Challenges Posed by 5G and NFV
  • White Papers
This report discusses some of the challenges that 5G and NFV pose for service assurance systems as well as some of the architectural considerations for service assurance systems.
5G Services Innovation
  • White Papers
This white paper examines a variety of use cases showing how 5G will have a sweeping economic impact across a number of industries.
Ookla's Q2 2020 Mobile Market Analysis
  • White Papers
Speedtest Intelligence reveals AT&T was the fastest mobile operator in the US in Q2 2020 with a Speed Score of 41.23 on modern chipsets in competitive geographies.
5G and the Cloud
  • White Papers
This 5G Americas white paper examines the road to a cloud-native 5G core by introducing and reviewing the cloud-native landscape as a technology.
Management, Orchestration & Automation
  • White Papers
This white paper aims to help the communication service providers concerned with 5G network management to familiarize themselves with the new OSS concepts and solutions in preparation for 5G network deployment.
Innovations in 5G Backhaul Technologies
  • White Papers
Traditionally, point-to-point dark fiber has been the transport technology of choice for wireless networks but can quickly become cost prohibitive in certain scenarios. This paper focuses on innovative backhaul, midhaul and fronthaul transport technologies for 5G networks to address this gap.
Beyond Connectivity: CSP Perspectives on 5G Use Cases
  • White Papers
In late 2019, Nokia and Omdia surveyed 172 service providers around the world to better understand their current thinking about 5G and specifically the eight 5G use case categories identified by Nokia Bell Labs.
5G: What to Expect in 2020 & Beyond
  • White Papers
This report summarizes insights from Spirent’s global 5G customers, providing a behind-the-scenes view of what’s gone right so far, where challenges exist and how past experiences can help predict what comes next for 5G in 2020 and beyond.
Private Cellular Networks with Small Cells
  • White Papers
Small Cell Forum (SCF) has published its analysis of the burgeoning market for small cell-based private networks, outlining market drivers, use cases and recommendations for LTE-based networks and examining their evolution to 5G.
Exploring Internet Performance in Malaysia
  • Case Studies
This case study examines the current state of Malaysia’s fixed broadband and mobile network performance including plans for upcoming 5G and data on: Internet speeds, latency and 4G availability at the country level.
Sustaining Service Performance in the Video and Gaming Age
  • White Papers
2020 is set to be a busy year for mobile network operators (MNOs). Not only do many have to contend with investments in 5G, many are also focused on the opportunities and challenges presented by the growth of mobile video and gaming. A clear understanding of these challenges is essential so that MNOs can capitalize on the opportunities.
How to Seize the 5G Opportunity
  • White Papers
Learn which technologies are making 5G possible, and what kind of charging systems are needed to effectively monetize 5G.
The Economic Impact of 5G
  • White Papers
The fifth generation of mobile networks is here, and is expected to have a bigger impact on the global economy than any previous iterations.
Ericsson and Nokia complete 5G cyberhack
  • White Papers
Eighty hackers gathered in Oulu, Finland, over the last weekend of November 2019 to examine Ericsson and Nokia’s 5G network products and see what flaws they could uncover. HardenStance attended and published this briefing on this first-ever 5G Cyber Hackathon and why it matters.
Small Cell SON and Orchestration from 4G to 5G
  • White Papers
The scale of small cell deployments requires leaner models so that the management traffic can remain a small overhead in the network. The Small Cell Forum is therefore looking at which management settings and reports might be superfluous for small cells, as well as compression techniques, in work that will be highly complementary to that of O-RAN.
The Connected Car Challenge
  • White Papers
This paper illustrates how in-vehicle connectivity monitoring and predictive connectivity can help improve design and operations – leading to improved automotive application performance, enhanced safety, and additional business value.
Can 5G be Green?
  • White Papers
This presentation explores how 5G is being designed with energy efficiency at heart and also explores how 5G can enable green outcomes across broader industries helping contribute to putting the fire out.
5G BSS: Evolving architecture
  • White Papers
With 5G deployments underway, mobile services and business model are undergoing major changes. Now is the time for telcos to plan their future BSS to be ready to embrace the new business model.
The 5G Evolution: 3GPP Releases 16-17
  • White Papers
This white paper by 5G Americas will provide you with some additional background into what 3GPP has in store for future technology releases for LTE and 5G.
Data Management for 5G and Digital Services: 28 Use Cases
  • White Papers
This paper explains how real-time data in a 5G network can be used to get an understanding, in real-time, of how the network is performing, how experiences are being delivered and how services are being consumed.

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