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Transform to Grow: Redefining a Digital B2B Experience
Today, communications service providers (CSPs) are working on rapidly accelerating plans to transform their customer experience through digital-first operating models. After all, B2B customers today expect personalized, intelligent, and seamless engagement at any and every point in their journey.
Taking 5G Beyond Connectivity: Growing the B2B2X Business
After years of strong growth, the telecom industry is showing signs of declining revenue. But telcos can now grow revenue, and add value to their business, in new ways. In this report, you’ll read about technical and organizational challenges facing telcos, strategies for evolving goals and operating models, and growing revenue in the current environment.
Establishing a Secure and Resilient 5G Ecosystem
5G cellular technology is transforming industry and government operations. But with the benefits come real challenges – geopolitical power struggles over the 5G ecosystem, regulatory issues, legacy system modernization, and new threat vectors.
The Customer 360 Playbook
This Customer 360 Playbook provides a wide range of tips for you to restructure your communications business around the subscriber.
Why Energy Management Is Critical to 5G Success
The paper examines the challenges facing today’s telcos and outlines several best practices aimed at mitigating increasing energy consumption, emissions, and costs. Complete the form below to download the research paper.
Webinar: 5G Rollouts: Key Considerations for Your Critical Infrastructure
The exciting opportunity to deliver expanded services and benefits through 5G also presents an array of complex challenges. Existing networks must be expanded and rebuilt to meet bandwidth and latency demands. Network density is increasing with new types of sites that feature far more IT equipment than is used today. Is your critical infrastructure ready?
Telefonica joins Tying Telco Together: Monetizing the Edge
Distributing compute capabilities is creating massive opportunities for CSPs around the world. In this interview Juan Carlos Garcia, Global SVP for Innovation and Edge at Telefonica and Muneyb Minhazuddin, Vice President, Edge Computing at VMware join Stephen Spellicy, VP of Product Marketing and Solutions to discuss monetizing the edge.
Transformation and 5G O-RAN
This paper, prepared by Tom Nolle of CIMI Corp, highlights how the transformation of RAN will support a fully-enabled 5G strategy. In it, you will learn how Tom believes the obvious approach to take in the RAN transformation is to follow the cloud. Cloud computing has proven its ability to not only respond to change, but to lead it.
How a Multi-Vendor Approach Empowered BT's Service Innovation: A Tying Telco Together Interview
In this discussion with Simon Warner, Director of Business Services at BT, we learn how BT has transformed to empower a more robust relationship with the innovation ecosystem. Together with host Stephen Spellicy, VP Product Marketing and Solutions for VMware, and guest Kit Beall, VP Telco Sales for VMware, this interview covers the successes of BT’s transformation and how they’ve leveraged new partner relationships to inspire new business models and thrive in a digital era.
Rethinking Revenue Opportunities for 5G
In this edition of the 5G Exchange E-Book, we’ll discuss the benefits and challenges to delivering secure 5G, how service providers and enterprises can utilize 5G to tap new revenue streams and improve the customer experience, and how service providers can rethink their business models to make the most of all 5G has to offer.
A strategic C-suite playbook for navigating the 5G world
This executive playbook, written by The Economist Intelligence Unit, helps guide service providers looking to harness 5G business opportunities. To support the creation of actionable strategies to gain a competitive advantage, the playbook draws on comprehensive research and expert interviews with the telecom industry leaders and academics.
Preparing Transport Networks for 5G
This white paper outlines these new requirements and the challenges of current transport technologies. It also discusses the split options and related service level agreements.
Fiber in 5G Networks
This paper discusses how fiber is implemented in 5G networks, including use cases. Connections between the access point to the network core are reviewed; making the case that these fiber-powered connections and their flexibility are as important, if not more, for a successful delivery of 5G than the RF connections between users and cell towers/access points.
The ROI of Secure 5G
In the fourth edition of The 5G Exchange eBook, we examine how the pandemic could impact the progress of 5G deployments in North America, and discuss what the future holds for standalone 5G. This eBook also takes a look at what enterprises hope to gain from 5G deployments, and how multi-access edge computing could provide new avenues of business for enterprises.
Accelerate Edge Computing Now for 5G in the Future
IDC introduces Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization, and the impact it will have on mobile networking. Two operators — Spark and STC — attest to CUTO's efficacy in significantly improving cellular network capacity without breaking the bank.
451 Research White Paper: Benefits of Open vRan for Established Service Providers
As operators expand radio networks with upgrades and new buildouts, open architectures offer clear benefits regarding flexibility and agility. Avoiding vendor lock-in and the ability to build best-of-breed capabilities are very valuable, but many overlook a key benefit that comes along with standardized interfaces and greater visibility – improved security.
The Elevated Importance of 5G RF Propagation Modeling
In this budding 5G era, communications service providers (CSPs) are looking to deploy 5G networks across a range of spectrum including millimeter wave (mm Wave) bands. This paper takes a closer look into why RF Propagation Modeling is an important consideration.
Transporting 5G from Vision to Reality
As the race to deploy 5G gathers speed, the reality of building out new and different network architectures presents a variety of complex issues for service providers to address. Building on this real-world experience, this paper examines 5G transport challenges, evolution of the radio access network (RAN) architecture, best practices for design and deployment, early business model opportunities and a vision for the future.
5G Backhaul/Fronthaul Opportunities and Challenges
Planning and deploying a mobile network to support a myriad of 5G applications will be no easy feat, considering the complexities of these new architectures and the interdependencies between the RAN and transport network. To find out more about the opportunities and challenges facing 5G Backhaul/Fronthaul, download this whitepaper now.
5G Market Success Demands New Business Models
In this edition of The 5G Exchange E-book, contributing writers explore how the telecom industry can evolve to meet rapidly changing demands from enterprise customers, and achieve ROI on their efforts to build and manage 5G networks.
5G Networks Require Quality of Service
In the 5G Networks Require Quality of Service white paper, you will learn about 5G QoS types and requirements such as Low Latency Network Requirements, Network Timing Requirements and Air Interface Latency Requirements which will be key to 5G network rollout.
White Paper: 5G Changes the Calculus for Wholesale Backhaul
Wholesale and open-access business models for fibre and network-infrastructure providers are not new. However, up till now, there has been only limited emphasis on delivering newer and more innovative models for wholesale backhaul. 5G will open up a whole new world of opportunities for wholesale backhaul. To learn more, download our white paper.
White Paper: Crossing the 5G Chasm
Expectations are high for 5G to enable everything from industry 4.0 to driver-less vehicles. Yet over time, there is growing dissension among the ranks, as even the most advance countries showing a decline in profitability after the launch of 5G. Are industry experts right in asking: Where’s the money?
Test Guide to 5G Network Deployment
VIAVI is pleased to offer an indispensable resource, Test Guide to 5G Network Deployment, to simplify deployment complexities with easy-to-use fiber, x-haul and RF solutions.
Webinar: 5G Converged SDN Transport – the Key to New 5G Services
Date : Thursday, September 26, 2019
Time : 12:00 p.m New York / 5:00 p.m London

The promise of 5G services is huge. Massively scalable, low-latency enabled applications will open up new ecosystems, business models and creativity across enterprise and residential markets. Join this Light Reading webinar to learn about the technical aspects of the 5G transport network, laying the foundation for deeper dives on the evolution of your transport architecture.
Webinar: Mapping Success: 5G Evolution Reimagined
Date : Thursday, October 3, 2019
Time : 11.00 a.m. New York / 4.00 p.m. London

Transitioning your existing network to 5G is a challenging task. How you arrive at your goal requires a process map built on best practices and use of the right technologies. In this webinar, we focus on leveraging new technologies proven to reduce costs, accelerate time to market and simplify complexities.

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