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White Paper: Future proof your transport network for 5G low-latency and scale
This white paper outlines the Cisco® strategy for the transport network that will underpin the worldwide adoption of 5G technologies and delivery of applications. Along with major technological change to the mobile core and radio access network (RAN), operators will also need to evolve their transport networks to cost-effectively deliver a satisfying mobile broadband experience.
Test Guide to 5G Network Deployment
VIAVI is pleased to offer an indispensable resource, Test Guide to 5G Network Deployment, to simplify deployment complexities with easy-to-use fiber, x-haul and RF solutions.
Webinar: 5G Converged SDN Transport – the Key to New 5G Services
Date : Thursday, September 26, 2019
Time : 12:00 p.m New York / 5:00 p.m London

The promise of 5G services is huge. Massively scalable, low-latency enabled applications will open up new ecosystems, business models and creativity across enterprise and residential markets. Join this Light Reading webinar to learn about the technical aspects of the 5G transport network, laying the foundation for deeper dives on the evolution of your transport architecture.
Webinar: Mapping Success: 5G Evolution Reimagined
Date : Thursday, October 3, 2019
Time : 11.00 a.m. New York / 4.00 p.m. London

Transitioning your existing network to 5G is a challenging task. How you arrive at your goal requires a process map built on best practices and use of the right technologies. In this webinar, we focus on leveraging new technologies proven to reduce costs, accelerate time to market and simplify complexities.
[Video] NETSCOUT Helping Carriers Meet the Challenges of 5G Services with Confidence
With 5G networks, the focus for carrier service providers (CSPs) is beyond just using smartphones. CSPs are looking into delivering consumer services for both mobile and fixed subscribers. 5G's high bandwidth, low latency and better spectrum efficiencies will allow connectivity of billions of IoT devices. CSPs need a scalable monitoring tool that is designed for the cloud to successfully achieve insights into reliability and latency for 5G networks and services.
5G Makes Virtualization Vital, Not Optional
This article highlights how leading carrier service providers (CSPs) are embracing the concept of virtualization technologies but are proceeding with caution due to the immense complexity involved in the management – or orchestration – of virtualized infrastructure. This stall is set to end with the arrival of 5G mobile networks. For CSPs to showcase the advantages of a fully virtualized operational environment, they'll need smart visibility across their network.
Test Strategies for 5G NR
The successful design, production and rollout of 5G networks requires sound test strategies that ensure product and system performance while also meeting stringent cost and time requirements. Anritsu’s new 5G NR white paper addresses current standards, frequency considerations and how to develop and implement sound test processes. Learn more by downloading the Test Strategies for 5G NR white paper.
Operator Strategies for 5G Transport: 2019 Heavy Reading Survey
Most 5G industry discussions focus on the radio network, but the transport network will also play a crucial role in 5G. Based on a global operator survey of 104 respondents, this white paper provides the industry’s most in-depth look at the current state and future trajectory of 5G transport (or Xhaul) based on operators’ views and plans.
1914.3 (RoE) eCPRI Transport
This White Paper discusses the network architecture changes, new frame formats, expected timing, and latency requirements, and why they are required. Understanding the combination of these key areas will provide the background to understanding how these networks will look as this industry moves rapidly to 5G.
Transporting 5G from Vision to Reality
As the race to deploy 5G gathers speed, the reality of building out new and different network architectures presents a variety of complex issues for service providers to address. Building on this real-world experience, this paper examines 5G transport challenges, evolution of the radio access network (RAN) architecture, best practices for design and deployment, early business model opportunities and a vision for the future.

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