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5G's post-pandemic prognosis is hopeful
Many employees are now sequestered to their homes because of COVID-19, and the current 4G Wi-Fi network is experiencing a surge in demand. While the promise of 5G – lower latency and higher reliability and data rates – was just around the corner, wide-scale adoption has also been put on hold – at least for now.
The future of 5G: What consumers really expect
Although 5G will continue to roll out for several years to come, 2020 will be the year where it’s expected to prove its worth. With a solid foundation being built by significant providers and with more than 15 5G-equipped smartphones entering the market this year, 2020 could very well be the tipping point for adoption.
One giant leap for a common 5G core
Thanks to collaborative efforts by the Broadband Forum, 3GPP and CableLabs, operators are starting to evaluate new architectures that allow fixed and mobile broadband access to be supported by a common 5G core network.
The perfect pair: Edge computing + 5G
With the emerging 5G ecosystem, we are in the middle of a data revolution that has operators scrambling to overcome the challenges associated with having a centralized cloud computing environment. Edge computing promises to remedy these challenges.
5G readiness for a world changed by crisis
The Coronavirus pandemic points to a compelling need for mobility, communications and faster data – both immediately and in the future. This blog explains the state of 5G today, corporate readiness and suggests practical steps executives should take to become 5G ready.
What is the enterprise case for 5G?
Commercial 5G networks only just emerging. For enterprises, this is an awkward time. Clearly no one wants to miss out on the opportunity, but to date plenty of questions remain unanswered.
FPGA-based network acceleration for 5G network slicing
As the implementation of network virtualization has risen sharply in the last few years, organizations have included network slicing in the design and implementation of their virtualized infrastructure. Defining network slicing is an important precursor to any discussion on its capabilities and techniques for realization and management.
Extraordinary circumstances bring new meaning to 5G
The potential of 5G has taken on new significance through the experience of confinement during the coronavirus pandemic. It has suddenly become obvious just how vital the communications infrastructure we often take for granted is to our lives.
A brain surgeon's perspective on 5G and AR
As hospitals and medical centers continue to innovate new treatments in their facilities to improve the outcomes of their patients, they are implementing using new cutting-edge technology – like augmented reality – that requires cross-industry collaboration.
Wi-Fi 6 vs. 5G: Key advantages for businesses
In a world where access to the Internet and your data has become a necessity for every business, the new superfast Internet speeds and high-bandwidth efficiencies that these technologies will deliver are something worth getting excited about.
5G's impact on the future of work
The convergence of 5G networks with industrial IoT and advanced automation will have a profound impact on the modern workforce. This change will bring faster and more accessible connectivity empowering mission critical use cases in remote locations, from manufacturing to construction, energy, farming and remote healthcare.
The path to affordable 5G devices uses system on chips
One of the barriers to upgrading to 5G smartphones is the high price of the device coupled with the available coverage of the new technology. This high-price component is likely here for a while, but chip manufacturers are building plans to move their 5G technology on to chips (called 5G System on Chip (SoC)) for use in mid-level devices targeted to price-conscious consumers.
Can 5G Rollout Be Managed by Robots?
CSPs need to prepare their 5G networks for a tide of users who are eager to embrace pioneering technologies like XR (extended reality), IoT (Internet of Things) and connected AI (artificial intelligence) on a larger scale than ever before.
Can DSS Get Us to Nationwide 5G?
While DSS is a hot topic in the operator community and is currently supported by all major vendors (Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and Samsung), it has yet to find a concrete spot in many operators' 5G roadmaps.
How Massive MIMO Enhances Real-Time Security Systems
This blog focuses on the alignment of 5G technology with real-world business outcomes. It illustrates how massive MIMO technology plays a role in advancing real-time security monitoring. The blog covers how it supports high-density cameras for new applications like automated security systems that monitor areas and alert agencies about possible security issues, providing them with high-resolution real-time streams of what is happening.
The Battle for the New Services Platform
Facing continuous technological and competitive change, communications service providers (CSPs) are now entering a 5G era that demands a new perspective on how networks should be built, the roles that operators will play and the battlefronts on which they will compete.
5G: Time for a Reality Check?
2019 has been hailed as the year of widespread rollout and adoption of 5G. Although important steps have been made, such as the launch of the first 5G networks and handsets, why does mainstream deployment still seem like a shimmering oasis forever out of reach?
Charting the Timeline for 5G Transport
To gain a realistic understanding of operators' views and plans for transport, Heavy Reading launched its first-ever 5G Transport Market Leadership Study with support from Ericsson, Fujitsu, Juniper and VIAVI Solutions.

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