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The main purpose of this document is to introduce the basic terminology, use cases and standards for extending TSN capabilities over wireless networks.
5G will usher in an age of accelerated innovation, but with that promise comes the inevitable potential for attacks.
This white paper examines a variety of use cases showing how 5G will have a sweeping economic impact across a number of industries.
Speedtest Intelligence reveals AT&T was the fastest mobile operator in the US in Q2 2020 with a Speed Score of 41.23 on modern chipsets in competitive geographies.
This 5G Americas white paper examines the road to a cloud-native 5G core by introducing and reviewing the cloud-native landscape as a technology.
This white paper aims to help the communication service providers concerned with 5G network management to familiarize themselves with the new OSS concepts and solutions in preparation for 5G network deployment.
Traditionally, point-to-point dark fiber has been the transport technology of choice for wireless networks but can quickly become cost prohibitive in certain scenarios. This paper focuses on innovative backhaul, midhaul and fronthaul transport technologies for 5G networks to address this gap.
This paper assesses the total mobile spectrum available in difference world markets.
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For the promise of 5G end-to-end performance to become a reality, it must also be secure.
Once 5G's capacity, resilience and lower latency enable smartphones and other devices to work seamlessly, we'll wonder how we ever lived or worked without it.
Finding the most profitable and enticing applications for public and private 5G remains a top challenge, according to respondents of an Omdia survey.
As with any new technology, 5G has to start somewhere and build gradually thereon. The full beauty of interconnected devices has yet to be reached.
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Tareq Amin, CTO for Rakuten Mobile, explains why the operator plans to deliver a 5G service based on open RAN.
The 5G Exchange's Diana Blass examines Orange Group's approach to deploying its 5G network by building off existing 4G LTE equipment and utilizing Open RAN.
This video examines the impact of 5G on the healthcare industry, how 5G has been utilized for eHealth such as analyzing COVID-19 cases, the challenges to adoption of 5G for eHealth, and more.
Tensions between Huawei and the US and UK are heating up over the use of Huawei equipment in 5G deployments.
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Virtual Event
1 - 3 September, 2020

5G World will take place as a virtual event to deliver critical insights and enabling powerful connections between the full 5G ecosystem: service providers, vendors, enterprises, media and more to share insights, best practice and connect over 3 days

Virtual Event
September 22 - 24, 2020
The BIG 5G Event 2020, hosted by Heavy Reading, is now a virtual event which will gather the entire 5G ecosystem including telecom experts, enterprise decision makers and eager 5G application developers. With 2020 being the year tipped as key for 5G, we will be bringing you content covering all the hot topics, including 5G core, 5G transport, applications & enterprise innovation, AI in the 5G world, private networks, edge computing and more.

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